I am a UX minded iOS Developer who has 4+ years of experience working in the Apple ecosystem with both framework and individual app experience.

I write both Swift and Objective C.

I love when learning new things becomes part of my every day and am often motivated by the challenge of writing scalable, testable code. Where I work now, we demand code be tested locally, on the CI, and via unit or UI tests (whichever is necessary).

I have worked with many Apple frameworks including but not limited to, Location Services, Notifications, Bluetooth, MapKit, and NSUserDefaults.

I have also worked with many 3rd party libraries and integrations like Cocapods, Buddy Build, Google APIs, Fabric, Lottie, OCLint, SwiftLint.


👩🏼‍💻 iOS developer @ Levelup (grubhub) aug 2016 - Present

At LevelUp I work on our SDK team — the team that builds the library to support 200+ restaurant client apps. The SDK incorporates Swift and ObjectiveC, is heavily tested with both Unit and UI tests, and is versioned with important updates. Most of my time is spent developing features, refactoring old code to be reusable and more scalable, and communicating with different teams (like product and QA) to make sure the shipped feature is up to par.

Two broader scope projects I am excited to mention that I worked on are a project to insure design templates were in sync with our libraries defaults and a project converting interview coding problems and questions from Objective-C to Swift. I have also worked on updating many user flows and adding additional ordering features.

👩🏼‍💻 iOS developer @ Intrepid Pursuits June 2015 - July 2016

Intrepid is a mobile app shop that has built apps for startups to big name companies. In my time there, I started as an apprentice and learned iOS development in their summer program. By fall, I was on full time, diving into client projects. While there I was exposed to many Apple frameworks and different styles of programming, alone with different team styles and structures (integrating and working with internal and external dev teams, designers and product managers). I worked on projects that involved BLE, location services, RESTful APIs, intricate animations, and consistent inter-team communication with internal and external design and development team.

📚 Clark University, ‘15 - B.A. in Computer Science, minor in Communications

At Clark I majored in Computer Science and minored in Communication and Culture. I was a Peer Learning Assistant for Comm 101 and worked for 2.5 years at the ITS Help desk, eventually becoming the shift supervisor for my senior year.